So pissed I slept on #Ahhhfest last night. What a sick performance Ye Common and Lupe put on for the Chi. I ain’t gon’ let this go for sometime. #Yeezy
UNOs pizza, the new addiction #chicagostyle (at Pizzeria UNO)
#TBT Raging with my cousin @dani_0309 at @wavefrontfest 2013 #goodtimes #FestivalSeasonIsOver (at Wavefront Beachfront Music Festival - Montrose Harbor)
#TBT with my brothers from another Mother, back to a time when responsibilities were slim
"Lock yourself in a room doing five beats a day for three summers" - YEEZY at work #motivation #beforetheyweregreat
This run got me wiped out! #nikeplus (at Frankfort Old Plank Trail)